Robina Doctors Appointments are best Booked Online or call (07) 5689 1212.


We will always endeavour to see patients as soon as possible and offer them an appointment with their preferred Doctor. However there are a limited number of appointment slots available each day to see the Doctor or Nurse.

Standard Appointments
Appointments are allocated on a first come first served basis and are for 10 minutes duration.

Appointments outside the standard clinic hours of 7 am to 7pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that appointments for Cervical Smears, Hormonal Implants, Anti-wrinkle Injections, Cosmetic Fillers, Skin Procedures, Drivers Licences, Medical Certificates, Centrelink Certificates, Driving Medicals, Travel Insurance and Life Insurance are not Standard Consultations and require pre-notification to the Receptionist at the time of booking.

Additional fees apply for Disbursements, Supplies, Procedures, Medical Certificates, Referral Letters, Phone Calls, Travel and Life Insurance.

Urgent Appointments
Priority is always given to Enrolled patients, followed by Non-Enrolled patients followed by Casual patients.

If you believe your medical condition needs urgent attention, please ask to speak with the Nurse. If the Nurse is unavailable ask to speak with the Doctor on Duty.

If the Nurse or Doctor agrees that you need to be seen on the same day, appointments may be re-arranged to accommodate you.

If the Nurse or Doctor believes that your condition requires immediate attention but is not life threatening and you cannot be seen in a timely manner, you will be directed to an alternate facility to be seen urgently.

If the Nurse or Doctor believes that your condition is life threatening, an ambulance will be called to your address.

Cancellations or Non-Attendance
If you make an appointment and wish to cancel, please do so at least 4 hours before your scheduled appointment time to avoid being charged a full appointment fee.

If you fail to turn up for an appointment, a full consultation charge applies and will be invoiced to your account.

Allied Health Appointments
Allied Health Providers are available  and have a separate appointment and fee system from the Doctors. Please contact Reception for further details.