Test Results

Robina Doctors Test Results access and follow up. Please book an appointment 3 days after your test to ensure the safe transfer of results. Assuming your result is normal because you have not been contacted can be dangerous and life threatening.

Test Results

This process applies to all tests done on patients – blood, urine, stool samples, skin biopsies, x-rays & scans, cervical smears, mammograms, etc.

If you have a test done, it is YOUR responsibility to book an appointment to discuss your test results. We do NOT provide results over the phone or by mail or email.

All results received by the Clinic are checked by your doctor.  Unfortunately not all results of tests requested by your Doctor will be received for various reasons, so please make an appointment 3 days after your test is completed. This acts as a safety system for results that may not be delivered to the Clinic and those that may be lost in the system.

Critical Results
You will be contacted for results that are received by the Clinic and are potentially life threatening.

Copies of Results
We do not routinely send you copies. If you require a copy, please notify the Service Provider at the time of your test.